Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Reading - Mount Vernon - The Story of a Shrine by Gerald W. Johnson

I have been reading a variety of books in advance of my Mount Vernon Life Guard Teacher Fellowship this summer and will be jotting down some thoughts about each book. This review is for "Mount Vernon - The Story of a Shrine" by Gerald W. Johnson.

I picked up this book on my last trip to Mount Vernon in the bookstore.  It was on the sale table for $2.99.  At that price that I couldn't pass on it. It was originally published in 1953.

The reason I really enjoyed this book is because it explains the history of Mount Vernon being saved and preserved.  In many ways Mount Vernon really tells two important stories - the story of George Washington and the story of the roots of historical preservation which in many ways began with the Mount Vernon Ladies Association.  

After reading the book I have new appreciation for the work of the Mount Vernon Ladies Association and Ann Pamela Cunningham in particular. A great basis for my understanding of how Mount Vernon was saved.

It was an interesting read from the perspective that was originally published in 1953 and had some more recent updates in portions of book.

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